Plume Paris Spring 2015 Releases

Plume Paris 2015 features Rectangular Silhouettes with Sleek Finishes

Spring is here! And, Plume Paris continues to grow its collection of unique & beautiful designs by using sleek lines, complimentary hues, and captivating details.
Plume Paris eyewear, a European influenced brand, is produced keeping the wearer’s comfort in mind without sacrificing creative design and premium materials. Each model is made out of a lightweight stainless steel with a soft, silicone finish.
The Plume Paris collection also has a variety of styles in order to satisfy every wearer’s fashion preference. Some frames take inspiration from the 1940-1960’s while others keep a more modern edge.

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Plume Paris Eyewear Best Image Optical (42)

Plume Paris adds Captivating Cat-Eyes

Without sacrificing creativity and using the finest materials the Plume Paris collection releases beautiful designs that are not only comfortable to wear but exude confidence.  The newest styles are a wonderful mixture of inspirations from the past with an eye to a more modern and edgy style. One of the most significant design elements to the collection is the blending of easy to wear frame shapes with exquisite and unique temple and brow-bar designs.

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Opticians Association of Massachusetts OAM Course and Mark Dolabany Presenting

7 Cost-Effective Online Marketing Strategies for your Eyecare Business in 2015

Last month, Best Image Optical’s founder and CEO, Mark Dolabany, presented an American Board of Opticianry (ABO) certified course at the Opticians Association of Massachusetts (OAM). In an ongoing effort to help the independent eyecare professional build their brick-and-mortar business and compete with online optical retailers, we have outlined his course today to help you start thinking about the marketing strategy of your business in 2015. Continue reading

Mark Dolabany will be speaking at the Opticians Association of Massachusetts 2014 Fall Conference


Mark Dolabany, founder and CEO of Best Image Optical, Inc., will be instructing an ABO credited course on online marketing strategies for the independent eye care business at the Opticians Association of Massachusetts (OAM) Annual Fall Education Conference November 9th 2014.

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What in the Sardi is Going On??

When we first introduced TR-90 models to the Dolabany collection just a few years ago, we could not have anticipated the success of these models. However, due to high-demand, the collection boasts more than fifteen TR-90 styles this year.

One model has surpassed all expectations, selling more than any other frame model in the collection – even our popular acetate models that Dolabany is usually known for – and grossing more than any other frame model in the company’s history. The bestselling frame model of 2014 from the Dolabany collection is style Sardi.

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Dolabany Eyewear Hugo Green Demi Detail 1

Step Boldly with Hugo by Dolabany

Attention Gentlemen…

One of our most popular ophthalmic frames amongst our spec-fanatics this season has been the impeccably sleek Hugo from the Dolabany Eyewear collection. Just as many of our retro-styled eyeglasses, the Hugo is designed and assembled by hand, a signature feature of the brand. The character of the Hugo is displayed in a thick, two-toned marble acetate material that allows for vibrant, rich colouring.

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Mark Dolabany visits Tiltin Diner in New Hampshire

An Old-Fashioned Diner and the Independent Eye Care Provider: What’s the connection?

After a fifteen-year hiatus from working in the New England area as a result of moving the company to Miami, I have returned to visit old customers and create new ones. After all, this is where I founded Best Image Optical 25 years ago. As I headed north on a beautiful afternoon in early June on state route 93, I noticed that the number of license plates marked with the motto “Live free or die” was quickly increasing – a clear indication that I was driving farther into the great state of New Hampshire.

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Plume Paris brand site is up!

Plume ParisOur Plume Paris site is finally up. We’ve taken our time with this website as we’ve included a lot of interactive features. The site focuses on the love we have of our brand.

To celebrate that love, we are accepting pictures of you wearing Plume Paris glasses that will be featured in the “Plume Lovers Gallery” under the “Share your love page”. We also want to hear your love story. Continue reading